Cleaning Checklist

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  • Check dishwasher and set going if needed.
  • Strip all used beds and take used linen & towels to laundry & pick up clean laundry. (Kettlewell laundry is across the road, next to the garage)
  • Open windows for fresh air to circulate. * Hidden window opener in the dining room, top left of windows.



  • IMPORTANT: Check there is still 5 guest keys & 5 parking passes (Report to owner if not so that the previous guest can be contacted)
  • IMPORTANT: Have any maintenance notes been written on the forms in the guest information folder? Please report to owner then throw away the used form.


  • Remove any left food items. (Olive oil, salt, pepper, dried herbs, tea, coffee, sugar etc, can stay in a cupboard)
  • Under sink: Washing up liquid, hand wash, Dishwasher tablets x handful (Placed in the sealed container under sink), J cloth x 2, Sponge scourer x 1, Kitchen roll x 1 or part of, a Cleaning spray, Tea towels x 2, Roll of Bin bags or at least 3.
  • Spare batteries & Matches (Leave in top cupboard)
  • New bin bag in bin.

Dining Room

  • Put music speaker back on the fireplace in dining room.


  • Clear out the fire ashes (Ash bucket in outhouse, Store the ashes in outhouse until cold)
  • Stock up the wood basket with a starter pack of 8 logs, handfull of kindling wood & 4 fire lighters (In the cooler months only)
  • Fluff up and ‘V’the feather cushions


  • Bed linen – Ideally use the flat sheets for single beds, fitted sheets for bunks, fitted sheets for doubles
  • 1 Bath towel per person, rolled up and put on the chair
  • Do not put hand towels in the bedroom, just 1 hand towel near sink


  • 1 hand towel
  • 1 bath mat
  • Hand soap x 1 per sink, top up from bulk supply in linen cupboard.
  • Toilet paper x 1.5 or 2 per bathroom

Games Room

  • Check games table is ok, Make sure all equipment is back in place


  • Make sure the front & back yards are clear. Sweep.
  • Make sure both bins are back in place at the back of the house up against the kitchen wall. (Commercial bins… Green is recycling, Large metal bin with black lid for rubbish)
  • Check drains and remove any moss please (Causes the basement to flood and shower plug in bedroom 1 to block!).
  • Clear cigarette bin when needed, located on front of house

Laundry Outhouse

  • Make sure there is laundry powder
  • Make sure power is off on machines
  • Wipe down both machines
  • Clear filter on dryer when needed
  • Wipe out laundry basket (Store inside in bootroom, top of fridge freezer)

Is everything working?

  • Check all lights & lightbulbs
  • Wifi & hot water
  • Alert owner if anything is broken or needing attention

Check bulk Stock – Alert the owner when running low

  • Washing up liquid
  • Kitchen Sponges
  • Kitchen J cloths
  • Kitchen roll
  • Dishwasher tablets
  • Toilet Roll
  • Kitchen Black Bin bags
  • Bathroom pedal bin liners
  • Laundry powder
  • Hand-wash & bottles
  • Logs, Kindling wood & firelighters
  • Batteries & matches


  • Click here to check the Look Book
  • Check all lights & taps are off
  • Check all windows are closed.
  • Check storage heaters are put back in the top floor bathroom cupboard.
  • Check there is still a key in the guest lockbox (front of house). Scramble numbers again.
  • Make sure doors are locked. Leave cleaning team keys in cleaning team lockbox, scramble numbers